Train Set 1615
This Train Set was found in spring 2005 - in Sweden. Unfortunately I don't have details when this set was offered. Probably this Set was exclusively for export - it never appeared in any German list or catalogue!

6 x 002 straight track, 12 x 009 curved track, 1 x 510 blue log lorry, 1 x 511 red side tipper, 1 x 1550 battery steam loco





This box has no label - the set number is stamped underneath the box



Newberry Train Set - 1615 E


J.J. Newberry was an American Mail Order Company. Newberry's used a separate label for the lid.


Newberry contents

The Newberry lid

"How to handle..." in English language only A black stamp on the bottom of the box says 1615 E.

How to handle

declared as 1615 E

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